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For all your duct repairs and duct cleaning problems, please call us on 1300 382 826, or 0409 191 209 or EMAIL us. Welcome to ductrepairs.com.au - Melbourne's leading duct repair company. We undertake all duct repair work no matter how big or small - and specialise in difficult repairs including specifically ducting damaged by animals, fire and water, or simply poor airflow.

Water damaged ducts - specialist repairers

Many ducted systems are damaged by water which penetrates the ductwork either from inside the house - caused by overflowing sinks, baths etc - or by flooding from under the house - caused by broken storm water or sewerage pipes or groundwater after flooding. Learn more...>>

Fire damaged ducts - specialist repairers

Ducts damaged by fire are often smoke damaged rather than burnt - but either way the ducting will require replacement.

Rat and possum damaged ducts - specialist repairers

One of the most common causes of duct damage is the presence of rats and mice under the house or in the roof space. If allowed to live there undisturbed, they will cause a lot of damage to the ducting system. Possum damage to ducting is generally extreme and is covered by your insurance. Generally possums will only penetrate your duct work if there is an existing entry point - they do not normally create an opening for themselves. Learn more...>>

Odour in ductwork - specialist repairers

Odour in ducting is almost always an indicator of the presence of animals in your duct work. Odour is also caused by water in the ducts. Water which has penetrated ductwork will NOT dry out by itself. Urine in ductwork is very unpleasant and cannot be removed by cleaning - instead it must be replaced. Urine odour will be caused either by cats or children from inside the house or by rats living undisturbed on the ductwork under the house or in the roof.Learn more..